If you’re a learner driver, read on. You are about to discover

some hard facts about driver training in Perth.

It is important to know what you're looking for.... and what to avoid!!





How many times have you heard that?


The trouble is… too much focus today is on “how to pass a test”...  Most learners are taught how to impress an assessor, drive circles around the transport office and just do “pass the test stuff”.


They overlook the main point.... learning REAL DRIVING SKILLS.


It is only normal that once you’ve passed, all that "test stuff" is forgotten. BUT..... you are now in trouble.  You now have a licence but no real driving skills. 

A High Risk Driver. Will you be another crash statistic?


Yes you will learn as you go and get the experience

(and the bad habits) but.... why learn the hard way?

Do you have to crash a car first to learn about it?



The fact is.... passing the test doesn't mean you're a good driver. It only gives you a starting point. It then takes years of experience and continuous learning to be good at driving and roadcraft.


A simple principle applied here… if you drive right, you’ll pass any test.


So… how about learning how to drive?


That’s where I come in.


My approach to driving is simple. Drive to the best standards possible. You’ll be the safest driver amongst your mates. Make driving an art form and then… absolutely BLITZ the test on the first go. Most of my clients do this. Honest.


And the truth is… it’s not hard work to get there.


Then, throw in advanced driving techniques into your learner lessons and  (you got it)... superior driving skills.


My Driver Training is a result of extensive research based on the following...

    1. Police Driver Training

    2. Racing Principles

    3. Advanced Driver Training


I am what many will refer to as a motoring enthusiast or quite simply, a car nut.


You’ve actually found someone who teaches real driving.





It is important to ensure you have a PROFESSIONAL Driver Trainer guide you.


Instructors INSTRUCT. Professionals TEACH TO YOUR NEEDS.  Big difference.


Don’t be fooled. Professional Driver Trainers for Learners are few and far in between. Hand on heart, let me tell you that we are a very rare breed in Perth.


The standards of some instructors out there is SHOCKING. A disgrace to the profession. I know of instructors who call/text, have lunch, do paperwork, watch a DVD on a Laptop (Honest)… all while YOU DRIVE!

Then you have the ones who take you for a test even if you're not ready (Let's do it as a challenge..... yeah, right)


What about the ‘instructors’ who ‘tune’ your lessons to fit in their shopping, banking, picking up others, daycare… the list goes on.


And they use old bunky cars as they don't trust you.


These people believe that they can fool you, the learner because of your age. Well… don’t let them!


More and more people are becoming driving instructors. So, Perth is now flooded with so-called ‘schools’, academys’ and amateurs engaging in a never ending price war (that’s all they know). These are the ones who are not there to teach real driving. They are out there just to get your money. BEWARE.


Make sure your instructor has a Real Lesson Plan. All Professional Instructors pride themselves on this.






Although they may appear to be attractive, you need to read the fine print.


Examples that are out there include....


“2 week fast track”


“4 lessons and test for $299” (half hour lessons)


“Test Package (learn to drive only around the Dept of Transport Office)... this one is really sad!!


“Learn to Park” Package


"Full Day Driving Course" (2 hours classroom theory and 30 mins practical driving)


BEWARE!! Don't assume all lessons are the same. Many include long theory and discussions (instructors love this). Packages disguise “sleight of hand”. Quite Offensive and Certainly Not the Best.


With me, no two learner drivers will have the same lessons. Everyone is an individual and will be respected as such. Lessons will be tailor-made to your needs. If your instructor cannot do a NEED ANALYSIS, he/she is certainly not a professional. Just give them the flick.





There are arguments for and against. My position is simple…  Just Learn to Drive. That means Manual.


In my experience as a Driver Trainer, I come across clients who want to change from auto to manual. Unfortunately, real driving skills (anticipation, planning, hazard perception) are very often not developed. In most cases, it means having to start all over again, which can be frustrating, and expensive. 

There is a HUGE advantage in driving an automatic car with MANUAL SKILLS.


Also, in an emergency (such as a skid, perhaps on wet or gravel roads)

it is an advantage to have a manual with proper driving (and life saving) skills.


And really, why would you pay top dollar for lessons only to end up with half a licence?


Learning manual is easy and heaps of fun… if you are taught by a professional.


My take is…. Learn ONCE, pass ONCE, job DONE.









If your instructor offers to book your test for you, SAY NO!!  Many instructors use your test entitlement to trade with others , even offering your test entitlement for sale. This is ILLEGAL PRACTICE and clogs the booking system (which will explain why it is difficult to get a date when you need it).

Some offer a booking service (you pay for) and your personal details will be swapped out with other instructors.


But, they can only do this if they have your Personal Information ie; Learners Permit Number, Date of Birth, etc.


Remember, this is YOUR licence number for the future as well. Banks use this for I.D. purposes when on the phone with you. Why would you release such confidential information to anyone?


Honestly, with the online booking system available you can make a booking yourself.


The fact remains…. Instructors have no legal reason to obtain your permit number. They have no official use for it as well. If they ask for it, you can refuse. If they insist, you now know why.


Prevent Identity Theft. DO NOT disclose your permit number to anyone. Keep your entitlement SAFE.