What is Advanced Driving?

Welcome to the world of serious driving. This is the stuff you usually DON'T LEARN when training for your Driving Assessment.

Driving is one activity we do on a voluntary basis that has the potential to kill or maim us.

it's best to do it as well as you can.

"Advanced Driving is the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using Road and Traffic conditions to make progress with skill and responsibility in any given situation.


The skill requires a Positive but Courteous Attitude and a High Standard of Driving Competence based on concentration, Effective All Round Observation, Anticipation and Planning.


This must be co-ordinated with good handling skills.


The vehicle should always be at the right POSITION on the road at the right time, travelling at the right SPEED with the correct GEAR engaged and can always be stopped safely in the distance SEEN to be clear".

Conquer all fears in FREEWAY and CITY DRIVING


  • High Density Traffic Zones

  • City Parallel Parking

  • High Rise Parking

  • Managing Pedestrians

  • Freeway Speeds

  • On and Off Ramps

  • Safe Gaps and Dealing with Tailgaters




  • Tight Winding Hilly Roads

  • BITUMEN and GRAVEL Driving

  • Safe Cornering Lines

  • Extended Forward Observation

  • Road Trip Planning 

  • Driver and Vehicle Preparation

  • Safe Overtaking

  • Emergency Braking...... and a lot more.

Self Discipline


Sad that so few possess this quality, imperative at speed. Any fool can accelerate; the problem is stopping.


Driving fast safely is a skill achieved only by practice. Even attention to the right principles and care are not enough to permit a novice to suddenly ‘floor it’.


Knowledge from books alone, or hearsay, is useless until experience over years and hundreds and thousands of kilometres is added.


Self discipline includes the honesty to accept exactly how slow your reactions are and if they, or concentration, are being affected by illness, tiredness or anger.


Self Discipline needs the ability to adjust your fastest speeds downwards to compensate for any personal defects. Human nature hates to admit such failings which make such discipline a test of conscience and character.


The chief qualifications for fast driving are WISDOM and EXPERIENCE. It would not be exaggeration to insist on 350,000 kilometres as a minimum for learning. Till then, one is a babe in road-craft and know-how.


Many of our ‘young bloods’ die because they refuse to concede this. 17 to 24 are the ‘insurance-proved’ dangerous years; the years when most people, on account of their age, cannot have the experience behind them.




(From Very Advanced Driving by A Tom Topper (Elliot Right Way Paperfronts, Kingswood, Surrey, UK))