It is common knowledge that fleet drivers

run a very high risk while at work. Being on

the road with traffic and other road users,

staying safe can be a big challenge.



When driving for official or work purposes,

there will always be a liability factor that exists.




From a "Duty Of Care" perspective,

it is important that all Fleet Drivers are up to date

with the latest road rules, proper road behaviour

and, of course superior driving skills.



A 20 point Comprehensive Driver Assessment 

will be the solution to the problem.



Important elements in driving will be assessed and a written report provided. Should there be a need for driver retraining, a specific programme will be written. Management participation is recommended, encouraging a proactive approach.


Drivers will also be assessed on Vehicle Management Skills.


The following organisations will have a direct benefit from my services.....

  • Courier Drivers

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships

  • On-site Service Personnel

  • Chauffer Services

  • Sales Representatives

  • Anyone who has to drive a vehicle during work hours.


Avoid unnecessary downtime, smash repair bills

and liability issues. Have your drivers assessed.

Contact us for a need analysis and quote.